2012 is a year of technology change, and I know that we have to plan our strategies.During the Top 25 Leaders in Accounting event I surmised the key success items for CPA firms are: 1) Strategic vision, 2) client focus, 3) working with your people, 4) managing compliance standards, & 5) Tech. It is pretty clear that computer hardware platforms matter less. Choosing the right strategy & tools to service your market & clients the best way you can is a winning approach. For example, in 2012, it is pretty clear that technology platforms and operating systems will converge. Think: Windows 8, IOS/Mountain Lion, Android Ice Cream Sandwich on phablets (=phones/tablets)/computers. When you buy into a platform from a vendor, the way applications integrate and work together is largely controlled by the vendor. As you can guess, this is a fight between Microsoft, Apple and Google right now. A future that allows applications to seamlessly run between a phone, tablet and computer could be very attractive as long as the application behaves appropriately on the different devices.


About rpjohnston

Randy is a nationally recognized technology consultant and speaker.

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