Most of us are dependent on Microsoft technologies. The timing of the technologies released this year affect all of our decisions, including mine. For example, I would like to be working on a Windows 8 tablet right now, so I could make strategic decisions about the right strategic tablet product to use. Either the popular Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 could be the right choice for our needs. Without evaluation and prototyping how do we know? Mary Jo Foley has a longer article here: Traditionally Release Candidates lead general availability (GA) release dates by 60-120 days and Release to Manufacturing (RTM) by 30-60 days. Key technology timelines:

  1. Office 15 – RTM November 2012, GA January 2013
  2. Windows 8 – RC June 2012, GA October 2012?
  3. Internet Explorer 10 – was due in April 2012, but likely by mid-year, perhaps June 2012
  4. Windows Server 2012 – October-December 2012?

Because of these timings, key recommendations for technology deployment in 2012 are:

  1. Use Open Licensing with Microsoft for Windows and Office
  2. Deploy Windows 7 Enterprise with Bitlocker and Sync Center using Windows Deployment Services
  3. Plan on using Office 2010 Plus
  4. If remote access is needed and your user count is less than 30, add Citrix over terminal services
  5. If you have more more than 30 users, have open licensing, and are replacing your servers, look at VMware View for Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) instead of Citrix. With the new VMware memory provisioning, VDI with VMware is more cost effective and faster. Consider using PCoIP with VMware View and look at thin clients, too.

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Randy is a nationally recognized technology consultant and speaker.

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