Part of what I try to do for you is listen, look, learn, filter out marketing messages and recommend reasonable products for you to consider. Sometimes a product won’t get all the recognition it deserves, and sometimes it won’t be the big “winner” in the market place. However, if it does the job well for you and meets your needs, isn’t that a good thing? Remember to consider both a personal and business strategy and then develop your tactics. Leverage what you do with technology.

The nexus7 has some things I really like:

  1. Small size and weight
  2. Standard connectors
  3. Simple case
  4. Speed
  5. Latest Android operating system 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  6. Most apps that I wanted were available in Google Play or the Android Marketplace. Everything I do for business can be done on this tablet including Citrix, VMware View, Exchange email and web surfing.
  7. At $249 it is a bargain

Drawbacks include:

  1. Only available in wireless
  2. Having a better camera resolution would be helpful
  3. Battery life is consumed fairly quickly, but not as fast as the New iPad

Overall, this is a good tablet to consider if you want a small unit that is durable and easy to use. We are anxious to see the iPad mini, scheduled for announcment on October 17 and to ship in November.


About rpjohnston

Randy is a nationally recognized technology consultant and speaker.

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