Today is when Microsoft officially changes pricing and licensing for Windows Server. Enterprise edition is eliminated, RIP. Enterprise edition was the version that when licensed allowed for  four virtual Windows Servers. Windows Server licensing must now be purchased by processor in either the Standard or Data Center Editions. This approach should be simpler, although more expensive for many organizations. The price increase of 22% will effectively raise new licensing as much as 40% for many shops. However, as a part of the whole, Windows Server licensing is a relatively small piece of the total expenses of a network or hosted environment. The most common deficiency for any organization using virtual servers or virtual desktops is not licensing the appropriate numbers of machines/licenses. It is difficult to understand the licensing from any vendor, so make sure that you discuss your usage with a Microsoft licensing professional…someone who deals with this every day. One final observation, however, the new simplified licensing agreement from Microsoft is an improvement. We would like to see more technology companies follow this lead.


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Randy is a nationally recognized technology consultant and speaker.

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