Standing by on the sidelines as an observer is not my thing in life, business, or sports. Watching the personal and economic turmoil caused by the global response to the COVID-19 coronavirus was unacceptable, and a call to action came out of the UK. What can we do to save our clients? While these resources are US-centric, perhaps one of the items will give you an idea that you can action. (John’s Hopkins current global cases dashboard) (

For business:

  1. Remember cash flow is king
    • Speak with critical creditors to assure them you’ll do your best to pay
    • Ask for payment deferrals where appropriate
    • Cut optional expenses
  2. Apply for government-supported loans, if interested (more below) – SBA Disaster Loan
  3. Check bank lines to have cash in place for any shortfalls (payroll, unexpected)
  4. Anything needed for team members ability to function/personal productivity
  5. Clear communications internal and external

For family and individuals:

  1. Food supplies OK/stable?
  2. Health care supplies/needs met?
  3. Family communication established?
  4. Items needed to resume/maintain a normal lifestyle
  5. Conserve cash, eliminate optional expenses short term, defer payments
  6. What to do during quarantine

SBA Loans (Trust the Federal sites for correct information, but this a current summary as of this writing on March 22, 2020

Official Program Links or News Releases

About rpjohnston

Randy Johnston has been an entrepreneur, technologist, consultant, and teacher for most of his career. He is best known for his early and on-going expertise in networks, accounting software, paperless, and CPA Firm technology. He has the ability to make complex technology understandable to any person. No wonder he is often referred to as The Last Renaissance Man. He has consulted for most leading technology companies in the U.S.

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